resort photographers

To the proprietor: Add value to your resort business by adding a professional photographer to your holiday mix. To the guest: Take full advantage of resort photographers for the duration of your stay in order to capture every last minute detail of your vacation. That way it can never be forgotten. That way you get to promote your hospitality business in really swell fashion. You use the photographer to make your guests feel really special. Now, it’s in your nature, and probably in your blood too, to work well with people.

Hospitality is, after all, your middle name. but the resort photographer could be equated to being the people’s poet. Poetry in motion, as they say. So, while you’re attending to last minute preparations for the night’s festivities, your people-centered photographer could be taking some of your guests on a good jaunt of your guesthouse’s surroundings. Or hotel. Or motel. Certainly not that motel. Oh dear. You’d need an undertaker for that one. And probably a cop or two. Sadly, you need photographers for that line of work too.

It’s all part of evidence gathering. And these nice folks, photographers or not, well, they don’t need to have any personality at all. They can be as morbid as they like, as morbid as the unfortunate stiffs they’ll likely spend the rest of their lives snapping. It’s hardly art, well, ask any serious photographer, and he’ll probably say that it is. Art for art’s sake and this, morbidly, is a genre of its own kind. But enough talk of death. Time to talk of life. And nothing can be more lively than taking a well-deserved vacation, even if you’re going to be lying at the poolside all stiff and still like.