Asking for help moving is the start of a vicious cycle.  It starts off small when you’re going off to college; you may need two or three buddies to help load and unload the few sticks of furniture you have, but guess what?  Now you are on the hook for helping those two or three buddies move when their time comes.  We accumulate more and more stuff over the course of our lives and before you know it, you are helping friends and family move entire estates every other weekend.  If you’re on the west coast, calling a packing service malibu is always the best route to go.

Moving is Hard on Everyone Involved

When you’re moving out of your college dorm, you may not care if your particle board TV stand gets dinged up a bit, but when you’re moving into your first or second home, you are going to be quite invested in the safe transportation of your nice oak furniture.  The same is true for the friends and family that you help move.  You are going to feel terrible when your sweaty fingers lose their grip on your cousin’s big screen TV.  Moving is a hard and stressful process on people, so just hire professionals and end the moving cycle before it starts.

Other Benefits of Hiring Professionals

They are faster and more efficient than a group of your buddies.  When friends and family help, generally you will do all of your own packing and then they will help you move boxes and furniture on moving day, but most professional services will even pack for you.  Sometimes you are moving into a smaller living space and you’ll need to send some of your stuff to storage, most moving companies can accommodate storage in addition to moving the essentials to your new place.  There are enough stressors in life, moving doesn’t have to be one of them.

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